Who is the Creator? Digital Resource

Who is the Creator? Digital Resource


This e-resource consisting of a PowerPoint presentation of 12 images and 2 sets of questions has been designed to trigger thoughts about why people are creative and what can be learned about a person by looking at what they have created. This leads on to the world and what Christians believe can be learned about God by looking at the created world. Teacher information and suggestions on how to use the resource are included.


This resource could be use across the primary age range, depending on the adult support given and expected outcomes.


We also have this resource as a hard copy which can be found here.


This resource is part of our Lift the Lid Discovery Box on Creation which is full of informative and engaging resources that complement Who Is The Creator? Resource and support your teaching of creation. Click here to find out more.

This resource explores the concept of who, or what, God is, and God’s role as creator of the world.  By drawing on their own experience of being creative and observing creativity, pupils are encouraged to think about God objectively.  Returning to the text from the Bible gives pupils the opportunity to reflect on how Christians may view God in a similar or different way to themselves.  Asking big questions such as, ‘Was the world created?’ and ‘What is God like?’ challenges pupils in their thinking and reasoning skills and helps them to be more critical in their approach.


The two sets of general questions, (Get Started… and Get Thinking…) allow for use to differentiate the activity within a class or between year groups.


Some of the images have specific answers – facts on these are included in the teacher information e-book.



  • Interactive presentation with 12 images
  • Printable ‘Get Started…’ questions pdf
  • Printable ‘Get Thinking…’ questions pdf
  • Teacher information e-book


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