U:NIQUE Magazine

U:NIQUE Magazine


The U:NIQUE booklet is suitable for students aged 11-14, especially those studying Religious Studies and Philosophy It is also suitable for  use in PSE sessions, as a class or individual resource.


It is an ideal resource for church groups, enabling young people to unpack key issues and explore the topic in a more exciting and memorable way.


We also have this resource as a digital copy which can be found here.


This resource is part of our Lift the Lid Discovery Box on Identity & Social Responsibility which is full of informative and engaging resources that complement the U:NIQUE Magazine and support your teaching of creation. Click here to find out more. 

The U:NIQUE booklet  discusses issues of identity that are relevant to young people as well as featuring personal  accounts of people’s search for meaning and understanding of what identity is . The booklet contains relevant, engaging and thought provoking material that challenge and create a unique learning experience. It is an ideal resource, enabling students to unpack key issues about identity and explore the topic in a more exciting and memorable way.

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