The Lift The Lid Christmas Bible Book (10 copies)

The Lift The Lid Christmas Bible Book (10 copies)


The Story of Christmas contains the biblical accounts of the Christmas Story as found in the Gospels of Matthew, Luke and John. This engaging book is an ideal resource for pupils to access and read religious text, and with a glossary alongside each page of text to aid understanding, this book is a must-have for the classroom.


This resource is part of our Lift the Lid Discovery Box on Christmas which is full of informative and engaging resources that complement The Christmas Story Book and support your teaching of Christmas. Click here to find out more.



This informative Christmas Bible Book encourages pupils to engage with the biblical account of the Nativity and gain a deeper understanding of the events of the first Christmas. This colourful book contains a short introduction to the Christmas story, concluding with explanatory notes on how it fits into the bigger story of the Bible. The text is set with chapter and verses allowing pupils to become familiar with how the Bible is referenced and the helpful glossaries unpack the religious vocabulary to aid their understanding. 

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