Lift the Lid on Identity & Social Responsibility


The Lift the Lid on Identity and Social Responsibility resource box unites relevant and engaging activities with key Biblical concepts to create thought provoking and enjoyable lessons. 

  • Learning Outcomes

    Lift the Lid on Identity & Social Responsibility provides opportunities for children to meet the following learning outcomes:


    • To describe and explain the different ways in which Christians will make moral decisions using the Bible, the authority of the Church, Conscience and Situation Ethics.
    • To outline human rights in the UK and why they are important to Christians.
    • To outline some differences in Christian views on these issues.
    • To explain Christian teachings on moral duties and responsibilities.
    • To describe and explain the importance of identity in the Christian faith.
    • To demonstrate and express personal responses about identity and social responsibility and why others might hold different views.
  • Discovery Box Contents

    Lift The Lid on Identity & Social Responsibility includes the following engaging and thought provoking resources;


    • Youth Bible
    • What’s life all about? By Scott Petty
    • U:nique Booklet
    • Emoji Thinking Hats
    • Spin the Spinner
    • Rules For Life – Ten Commandment Blocks
    • Decision Dilemma Cards
    • P4C Discussion Cards
    • Where in the World?
    • Am I Bothered?
    • Washing Line Discussion Activity
    • TED Talks
    • Pick a brick
    • 8 Discussion Posters
    • Making Moral Decisions Scenario Quiz

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