Lift the Lid on Christmas


The ‘Lift the Lid on Christmas’ Discovery Box explores the biblical accounts of the first Christmas and the importance of this festival for Christians today.  The wide variety of resources enables pupils to thoroughly engage with the events of the first Christmas and begin to understand how the birth of Jesus fits into the big story of the whole Bible.

  • Learning Outcomes

    The ‘Lift the Lid on Christmas’ resources provide opportunities for children to work towards the following learning outcomes.


    • Know that Christmas is a festival which celebrates the birth of Jesus and that Advent is a time when Christians prepare for the coming of Jesus.
    • Know that the story of the first Christmas is found in the Bible and that the different Gospels give different details.
    • Recall the events of the first Christmas.
    • Describe ways in which the events of the first Christmas shape how the festival is celebrated today.
    • Begin to understand how the first Christmas fits into the bigger story of the Bible and the world.
    • Understand that Christians believe that Jesus is ‘God on Earth’ and that this is called the Incarnation.
    • Describe what a Christian believes about who Jesus was and how that influences the way they celebrate Christmas and the way they lead their lives.
  • Discovery Box Contents

    • Advent Box – a box including an information and activity book, discussion cards and candles.
    • The Story of Christmas – a set of 15 books containing text from the Bible and a glossary to aid understanding.
    • People and Promises – 16 discussion cards to foster knowledge and reflection on the people involved and the events of the first Christmas.
    • Nativity Set – a tactile wooden Nativity set with accompanying resources.
    • Nativity Role Play – a set of scarves and scripts to encourage re-enactment of the Christmas story.
    • The Wise Men’s Gifts – a wooden box containing examples of the wise men’s gifts with accompanying information cards.
    • Follow The Star – an activity pack including a simple game and photocopiable worksheets to explore the visit the wise men made to baby Jesus and the gifts that they gave him.
    • Journey To Christmas – a board game to help children to understand the place of Christmas within the context of the whole Bible.
    • Thinking Hats – a set of discussion and assessment questions based on Edward de Bono’s system of six thinking processes.
    • Christmas Quiz – 30 quiz questions to test knowledge of the Christmas story.
    • Christmas Posters – four colourful posters to enhance Christmas displays.
    • Downloadable Resources – additional worksheets and interactive activities which work alongside the resources in the box can be downloaded from the Lift the Lid website (

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