How Did The World Begin? Investigation Box

How Did The World Begin? Investigation Box


This engaging and thought-provoking box considers three different points of view about the origins of the universe and life: The Big Bang Theory, The Theory of Evolution and the Theory of Creationism. Information about each viewpoint is presented on a table mat card, ideal for small group discussion. There are eighteen information cards in total (six of each theory) and eighteen question cards.


The generic question cards allow children to discuss ideas of faith and belief, as well as what constitutes proof and evidence. There are also further discussion questions (available from the dowlaods page of the Lift the Lid website) that are more specific to each of the three points of view. These are perfect for children with a more inquisitive mind who want to dig deeper into the ideas raised by the theories discussed.


A worksheet with sections for children to complete before, during and after their discussion work provides a tool for evaluating and assessing what the children have learned from the activity.


Interactive PowerPoint also included. 




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