How Did The World Begin? Digital Resource

How Did The World Begin? Digital Resource


This investigation activity is an engaging and thought-provoking resource which considers three different points of view about the origins of the universe and life: The Big Bang Theory, The Theory of Evolution and The Theory of Creationism. Information on each view point is presented in a colourful and interactive presentation which includes generic, open questions which encourage ideas of faith and belief, proof and evidence, as well as digging deeper questions linked to the specific theories for the more curious pupil. This resource is aimed at pupils in key stage 2.


This resource is also available as a hard copy. Click here to find out more.

How Did The World Begin? is a discussion-based resource which can work as teacher-led class discussion, in smaller groups or as a debate activity.


Generic, open questions encourage pupils to consider ideas of faith and belief, as well as proof and evidence.  Through discussion, pupils will recognise there is debate as to whether or not science and religion conflict with or complement each other and should begin to be able to make their own informed opinion about this.  Additional questions linked to the specific theories are also included to help pupils dig deeper into this topic.  Also included are suggestions as to how the teacher could develop research and debate further.


The accompanying worksheet is designed to be completed before, during and after discussion.  It provides evidence of how pupils have engaged with the subject, as well as prompting them to think about aspects they would like to investigate further.



This resource is an e-resource which can be downloaded and printed or used on interactive whiteboards

  • How Did the World Begin? interactive presentation
  • Printable ‘Get Started’ questions
  • Printable ‘Get thinking’ questions
  • Printable worksheet
  • Teacher notes                                                                                                                                                    

It is also available as a box with printed information cards and question cards as part of our Lift the Lid Discovery box on Creation.

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