Find Someone Cards

Find Someone Cards


Christians believe that humans are made in the image of God, and that each human is special and unique. This activity is designed to explore in a simple way the notion of who we are individually and the value of every human being.


The Find Someone activity contains 32 cards of characteristics for younger children to recognise in others – some simple notable physical features, others that children will need to ask about.  This highlights how although children may have things in common with others, they are still all special and unique.


A series of four differentiated ‘Uniquely You’ worksheets (available from the dowlaods page of the Lift the Lid website) explore the children’s characteristics, both physical and personal, to draw attention to each individual’s abilities and worth.


The three ‘digging deeper worksheets’ for this topic study the themes of value, 

relationship and equality by reflecting on passages from the Bible and applying these thoughts to everyday life.


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