Exploring Identity and Purpose: TED Talks

Exploring Identity and Purpose: TED Talks


The Exploring Identity and Purpose e-resource provides students with the opportunity to discuss issues related to their identity and their uniqueness. As well as discussing social and philosophical approaches to this topic.



This resource is part of our Lift the Lid Discovery Box on Identity & Social Responsibility which is full of informative and engaging resources that complement ISR Pack and support your teaching of Identity and Social Responsibility. Click here to find out more.



This resource consists of five TED Talks. Each Ted Talk includes activities that will support the topic of Identity and Purpose.  Each TED Talk has information, key vocabulary and tasks based on each individual’s perspective and experience. Each TED Talk has suggested activities that are specific to that TED Talk and can be used to develop further understanding of the topic. The activities include a variety of specific questions, activities to engage students and further key information. This TED Talk e-resource is a discussion based resource which can be a teacher-led class discussion, in smaller groups or as an individual reflective, assessment task. This resource can be displayed on IWB, student’s electronic devices or printed and laminated for use as a table top activity.




  • Five Ted Talks
  • Teacher notes

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