Exploring Evil and Suffering P4C Interactive Presentation

Exploring Evil and Suffering P4C Interactive Presentation


This colourful thought-provoking and engaging interactive presentation can be used in a variety of ways to develop rich stimulus, philosophical and creative discussion and debate around the topic of evil and suffering. This resource supports students as they reflect on the issues of evil and suffering and the importance of this topic in the Christian faith. This resource is suitable for students in KS3 &4.


This interactive presentation includes a selection of 36 philosophical statements and questions around the topic of evil and suffering. This interactive presentation is a discussion based resource which can work as a teacher-led class discussion, in smaller groups, as a debate activity as well an individual task. The presentation can be displayed on the IWB as a whole class activity and on student’s electronic devices. Teachers and students can choose a set of six colour coded statements or six randomly selected statements.  These statements are intended to advance lively debate whilst developing key listening and questioning skills and above all the opportunity for careful consideration of the views of others. Students can be given a statement as a classroom, homework or reflection task. This resource can be used as a whole class debate and also used in silent debates or as a revision activity. As a P4C activity this can be used as a starter, evaluation and a flexible written assessment tool.



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