Lift the Lid on Evil & Suffering


A thorough and thoughtful resource box, full of discussion starters, PowerPoints, audio visual material, flashcards, games and books exploring the topic of evil and suffering. 


Using these resources the pupils will be able to explore and engage with current issues surrounding the topic of ‘Evil and Suffering’, as well as discovering where the topic is highlighted in the Bible and learning about Christian beliefs and attitudes.

  • Learning Outcomes

    Lift the Lid on Evil and Suffering provides opportunities for students to meet the following learning outcomes:

    • To identify different types of evil and suffering.
    • To demonstrate the difference between moral and natural evil and consider how the existence of evil and suffering in the world may lead people to reject a belief in God.
    • To describe Christian beliefs about evil and suffering.
    • To explain the challenge Christians face in maintaining a belief in a loving God in a world where there is evil and suffering.
    • To consider what is meant by the word evil and whether people are born evil.
  • Discovery Box Contents

    Lift The Lid on Evil and Suffering includes the following engaging and thought provoking resources;

    • The Word On The Street Bible
    • Evil and Suffering by Scott Petty
    • The Son of God Newspaper Articles
    • Ready Steady Think Cards
    • P4C Discussion Cards
    • Quick Draw Cards
    • Evil & Suffering Questionnaire
    • State of Emergency G8 Game
    • Discovery Cards
    • 8 Discussion Posters
    • Emoji Thinking Hats
    • Spin the Spinner
    • The Inconsistent Triad
    • Crucifixion Artefacts
    • Worksheets

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