Lift the Lid on Creation

Lift the Lid on Creation


The ‘Lift the Lid on Creation’ Discovery Box contains engaging and thought-provoking resources that encourage children to consider creation and the natural world.  There are opportunities for children to reflect on the role that each human plays within the created world, as well as time to consider how Christians may interpret the biblical accounts of creation and their response to a creator God.

The ‘Lift the Lid on Creation’ resources provide opportunities for children to work towards the following learning outcomes.


  • Describe what a Christian might believe about the beginnings of the universe and understand why Christians may have different beliefs about this.
  • Describe what a Christian might learn about God from the creation stories in the Bible and from looking at the world around them.
  • Understand what Christians believe it means to be made in God’s image.
  • Make suggestions as to what can be learned from the story of Adam and Eve and The Fall.
  • Recognise that creation is part of the bigger story found in the Bible.
  • Describe different ways Christians may respond to ‘God the Creator’.
  • Use appropriate religious or spiritual vocabulary.

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