Creation Digital Resource Pack

Creation Digital Resource Pack


This Creation Pack is a brilliant resource for your classroom. Jam packed with colourful images, fascinating information and thought-provoking questions, these resources are a great introduction to the biblical account of creation and what this tells us about the character of God. Also included is an exploratory activity that investigates three different points of view of the origins of the universe and life.


This resource is part of our Lift the Lid Discovery Box on Creation which is full of informative and engaging resources that complement The Creation Story Book and support your teaching of creation. Click here to find out more.

Creation Bible Book Digital Resource



The Creation Story e-book is an ideal resource to allow pupils to access biblical text in a colourful and engaging way. Each page is filled with interesting facts, thought provoking ideas and puzzling questions to help pupils see the natural world afresh and to dig deeper into the biblical account of creation. Throughout, the book also explores how the creation story helps believers gain a deeper understanding of what God is like and with additional information on the Book of Genesis and the Big Story of the Bible it really is a great resource for the classroom.


  • The Story of Creation e-book
  • Worksheets


Who is the Creator? Digital Resource



This resource explores the concept of who, or what, God is, and God’s role as creator of the world. By drawing on their own experience of being creative and observing creativity, pupils are encouraged to think about God objectively. Returning to the text from the Bible gives pupils the opportunity to reflect on how Christians may view God in a similar or different way to themselves. Asking big questions such as, ‘Was the world created?’ and ‘What is God like?’ challenges pupils in their thinking and reasoning skills and helps them to be more critical in their approach.

The two sets of general questions, (Get Started… and Get Thinking…) allow for use to differentiate the activity within a class or between year groups.

Some of the images have specific answers – facts on these are included in the teacher information e-book.



  • Interactive presentation with 12 images
  • Printable ‘Get Started…’ questions pdf
  • Printable ‘Get Thinking…’ questions pdf
  • Teacher information e-book


How Did The World Begin? Digital Resource



How Did The World Begin? is a discussion-based resource which can work as teacher-led class discussion, in smaller groups or as a debate activity.


Generic, open questions encourage pupils to consider ideas of faith and belief, as well as proof and evidence.  Through discussion, pupils will recognise there is debate as to whether or not science and religion conflict with or complement each other and should begin to be able to make their own informed opinion about this.  Additional questions linked to the specific theories are also included to help pupils dig deeper into this topic.  Also included are suggestions as to how the teacher could develop research and debate further.


The accompanying worksheet is designed to be completed before, during and after discussion.  It provides evidence of how pupils have engaged with the subject, as well as prompting them to think about aspects they would like to investigate further.



This resource is an e-resource which can be downloaded and printed or used on interactive whiteboards

  • How Did the World Begin? interactive presentation
  • Printable ‘Get Started’ questions
  • Printable ‘Get thinking’ questions
  • Printable worksheet
  • Teacher notes   


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