Free Collective Worship Digital Resource

Free Collective Worship Digital Resource


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This is a really helpful and insightful series of four collective worship presentations for primary schools. Each of the presentations looks at friendship, community, togetherness and well-being specifically linked to pupils’ well-being as they return to school during the Covid-19 pandemic.


These collective worship presentations take a closer look at how pupils may be feeling as they return to school during these uncertain times. With the help of a Bible Story, each presentation explores what we can learn to help ourselves and others during this time.

Each presentation comes with a script for teachers to use with suggested questions to guide pupils through the collective worship. Possible answers and ideas for discussion are included in italic print.  The text of the Bible stories is not included, but all Bible references are given and all the stories can be found in The Lion Storyteller Bible by Bob Hartman.  Schools may also have different retellings of the stories and versions of the Bible that are more appropriate for their pupils. 



4 presentations with accompanying scripts.

Exploring Emotions: Sad, Anxious, Lonely, Uncertain, Thankful, Safe, Special, Confident.


Bible Story: Feeding of the 5,000, The Good Samaritan, The Parable of the Lost Sheep, The Wise and Foolish Builder


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